.: about us

Most of the local organizers are affiliated with the Department of Mathematics and the Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Mathematics at Virginia Tech. Denise Krueger is at the College of Mount St. Joseph.

.: interdisciplinary center for applied mathematics

The Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Mathematics (ICAM) was formed in August 1987 to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary research and education in applied mathematics at Virginia Tech. A major goal of ICAM is the enhancement of the historical links among mathematics, engineering and the sciences. Recent research projects at ICAM have included control and modeling of large space structures, computational science for energy efficient buildings, geophysical flow modeling, and computation and analysis of reduced-order models. Faculty research areas include computational fluid dynamics, control of distributed parameter systems, fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, numerical methods for PDEs, PDE constrained optimization, reduced-order modeling/model reduction, sensitivity analysis, singular integral equations, and thermal modeling.

.: department of mathematics

The Department of Mathematics provides an excellent graduate training experience with a diverse range of faculty research interests. Areas of concentration include algebra/combinatorics, control and systems theory, partial differential equations (with emphasis on fluids) and numerical/computational math. Research faculty listed by area are listed here.

.: college of science

The College of Science consists of eight departments including biological sciences, chemistry, economics, geosciences, mathematics, physics, psychology, and statistics.

The college is dedicated to fostering a research intensive environment and offers programs in many cutting edge areas, including those in nanotechnology, biological sciences, information theory and science, and supports the university's research initiatives through the Institute for Critical Technologies and Applied Sciences, and the Institute for Biomedical and Public Health Sciences. The College of Science also houses programs in intellectual property law and pre-medicine.

The college employs more than 300 faculty members, many of whom are internationally recognized in their field. It offers a challenging academic environment for its 3,300 students and supports groundbreaking research in areas such as nanoscience, infectious diseases, developmental science, computational science, cell biology, and biostatistics.

.: virginia tech

Virginia Tech is a land-grant university serving the largest full-time student population in Virginia (over 30,000). VT offers eight colleges with 65 bachelor's degree programs as well as 145 master's and doctoral degree programs. The Southeastern-Atlantic Regional Conference on Differential Equations was started at Virginia Tech in 1981.


.: local organizing committee

  • Lizette Zietsman, Chair
  • Jeff Borggaard
  • John Burns
  • Terry Herdman
  • Denise Krueger

.: searcde steering committee

  • Lizette Zietsman, Virginia Tech, 11/2006-10/2009
  • Denise Krueger, College of Mount St. Joseph, 11/2007-10/2010
  • Billur Kaymakcalan, Georgia Southern University, 11/2008-10/2011
  • Katharine Ott, University of Kentucky, 11/2008-10/2011
  • Irena Lasiecka, University of Virginia, 11/2009-10/2012
  • Stephen Robinson, Wake Forest University, 11/2009-10/2012
  • Zachariah Sinkala, Middle Tennessee State University, 11/2009-10/2012

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